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SRC database: environmental fate of chemicals


Environmental Fate Data Base (EFDB)

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  • DATALOG is a bibliographic file containing 18 types of environmental fate data.

  • BIOLOG, or the Microbial Degradation/Toxicity File, provides sources of microbial toxicity and biodegradation data.

  • CHEMFATE is a data value file containing 25 categories of environmental fate and physical/chemical property information on commercially important chemical compounds. CHEMFATE has not been updated since the mid 1980’s. For up-to-date physical properties, please go to the PHYSPROP database.

  • BIODEG contains experimental values relating to biodegradation subjects. Records in BIODEG and BIODEG SUMMARY have been updated at varying times from the mid 1980’s to approximately 2004 depending upon funding from EPA. The actual time of update can be found by searching individual records in BIODEG or by searching BIODEG SUMMARY by all reliability codes.

  • BIODEG SUMMARY provides summary evaluation and reliability codes for different test methods, as well as summaries for biodegradability under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.