Abandoned mining sites in England and Wels

Inventory of closed mining waste facilities in England and Wels


The published inventory contains 148 mining waste facilities with 109 in England and 39 in Wales. Water pollution is the most common type of serious environmental impact with 145 sites. At one of the 145 sites, impacts on human health have also been confirmed (determined as Part 2A contaminated land). At one of the 145 sites, a Part 2A assessment has concluded there are no unacceptable impacts on human health. Two sites are on fire (coal spoil heaps) and the local authority has advised there is risk to human health or property. At one site the local authority has advised that the spoil (quarry wastes) are unstable and adjacent to a footpath.

The results of the inventory have been made available to the public through the Environment Agency's "What's in your backyard" website: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/139297.aspx


Potter, H. & Johnston, D. (2012) Inventory of closed mining waste facilities. Environment Agency. [Online] Available from: https://brand.environment-agency.gov.uk/mb/yFhIC. [Accessed 3rd August 2013].

Source of the picture: https://brand.environment-agency.gov.uk/mb/yFhIC