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Gruiz Katalin



limited natural fresh water resources; desertification; wildlife poaching; land degradation has led to few conservation areas




limited natural fresh water resources, roof storage tanks collect rainwater but mostly dependent on a single, aging desalination plant; intensive phosphate mining during the past 90 years - mainly by a UK, Australia, and NZ consortium - has left the central 90% of Nauru a wasteland and threatens limited remaining land resources



Navassa Island





deforestation (overuse of wood for fuel and lack of alternatives); contaminated water (with human and animal wastes, agricultural runoff, and industrial effluents); wildlife conservation; vehicular emissions




water pollution in the form of heavy metals, organic compounds, and nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates; air pollution from vehicles and refining activities; acid rain



Netherlands Antilles




New Caledonia

erosion caused by mining exploitation and forest fires



New Zealand

deforestation; soil erosion; native flora and fauna hard-hit by invasive species




deforestation; soil erosion; water pollution




overgrazing; soil erosion; deforestation; desertification; wildlife populations (such as elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, and lion) threatened because of poaching and habitat destruction




soil degradation; rapid deforestation; urban air and water pollution; desertification; oil pollution - water, air, and soil; has suffered serious damage from oil spills; loss of arable land; rapid urbanization




increasing attention to conservationist practices to counter loss of soil fertility from traditional slash and burn agriculture



Norfolk Island




Northern Mariana Islands

contamination of groundwater on Saipan may contribute to disease; clean-up of landfill; protection of endangered species conflicts with development




water pollution; acid rain damaging forests and adversely affecting lakes, threatening fish stocks; air pollution from vehicle emissions


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