Environmental risk and human health risk of Pesticides


The attached document includes the list of pesticides. Clicking on the name of the pesticide we get to the Datasheet of the pesticide. The Data sheets on pesticides provide basic information on individual compounds, and arising out of this information, recommendations on their use and control are given. Details of symptoms of poisoning and emergency and medical treatment are also provided.The data sheets will promote the safe and effective use of pesticides, both for the preservation of the health of people directly exposed and for the protection of people more remotely affected through changes in the environment resulting from injudicious application. Although each country adopts control measures suited to its economy and culture, it is also hoped that the recommendations in the data sheets may lead to a degree of international standardization in the control of pesticides.

Each sheet is presented in five parts for each pesticide. The headings of the parts are as follows: 1. General information 2. Toxicology and risks 3. Recommendations for regulatory authorities on the regulation of the pesticide 4. Prevention of poisoning in man and emergency aid 5. Information for medical and laboratory.