Participants at the meeting

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Gruiz Katalin
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The introductory meeting of the Mexican and Hungarian partners took place on the 17th of July 2012 in Hungary at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, at the premises of the Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology research team. The Mexican partners presented their work and results as part of their earlier cooperation with the scientists of the Geological and  Geophysical Institute of Hungary on the study of a contaminated 172 km2 area affected by historical cinnabar mining  in  San Joaquin Querétaro, Mexico.  The partners  discussed  the possiblities of a future cooperation and joint work.

The photo shows the Mexican and Hungarians scientists participating at the meeting (starting from the first row, from the left to right):

 PhD student (CIDETEQ) (front)

Gilberto Hernández Silva, Scientist, UNAM

Katalin Gruiz, Associate Professor, BME

Erika Bustos Bustos, Scientist, CIDETEQ

Norma Eugenia García Calderón, Scientist UNAM

Ildikó Fekete Kertész, PhD student, BME

Péter Scharek, Senior Research Associate, MFGI

Mónika Molnár, Scientist and Lecturer, BME

Emese Vaszita, Scientist, BME

Mária Tolner, Technical Instructor, BME

Zsuzsanna Nagy, PhD student, BME